SEO Pros Aren’t Real

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There are a million different SEO pros out there, and I will be honest, I am not one of them. Yes, it says it in the website name and I do profit in this line of work, but let me explain. Google is constantly updating their algorithm and looking for new ways to prevent guys like me from manipulating the system. I have seen this trend becoming more prevalent with each update. They don’t want keywords stuffed into blogs that read like stereo manuals from the mid 80’s. They want quality content that is directly related to the business or service you are providing. Seeing this trend wasn’t just enough for me. I wanted to see how I can follow it and maximize it. This is what I found out.

Judgement Day is Near

A bit dramatic, I know but, the days for tricks are almost to an end and if you want you site to be better than your competitors, than you will have to do things better them then. Better email content, better social media content, video content, and the list goes on. You don’t need to do all of them, but I highly recommend you do if you have the resources. Cell phones can produce great images and photos these days and posting them to a feed has never been easier. But it’s going to have to be good. So, that means taking your time and planning things out, create and actual campaign with a singular goal in mind, and then execute. Make things interesting and find new ways to approach your product or service in relation to current memes or viral challenges. Have multiple campaigns across different media to reach different audiences.

In the End

This is the internet and it has equalized small businesses to match up against larger ones and find success so stretch out with your reach. Don’t be afraid to try and fail, but learn along the way what works for you and what doesn’t. After all, that is what it comes down to. Finding what works specifically for you, and then optimizing that aspect. You are going to need analytics and a few other Google tools, but luckily they are all free and can easily be added to your site by yourself, or with the help of a Viking SEO agent. So go find your voice and shout from the mountains so all of Vahalla can hear your story. SEO Pros aren’t real, but some results are.

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