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Video Marketing with Viking SEO

Video marketing is here and Video is king. The numbers prove it. How you can cash in on the digital boom depends on what your business is. You may not associate your business with one that would be interesting to have a video for, or even need one. You would be surprised by what people watch, or maybe not anymore. With that being said, did anyone think videos of people opening toys would go viral? Me either, but the point is, it’s worth a try to dip your toe in the water to see what bites.

How Can Video Marketing Help My Company?

Let’s say you are a plumbing company. How could a video help you? People love to see how things work. Make a line of videos on how to do common toilet repairs. Don’t be afraid, you won’t lose the business. Quite the opposite. You show them the easy fix and then say if it is harder to call your company and they will do the rest. You built trust in them and then they will rely on your expertise on when to call you. Trust builds word of mouth which is still the best form of advertising to this day. Digital feeds have made it easier for people to voice their pleasure or displeasure in you.


Take what you do the best, and the reason why you are in business and marry the idea with a video. Video marketing can tell us your story, or show us your processes. Let us see inside what you think is boring day to day work, because, for us it isn’t. Will it work for sure? There are no guarantees besides this; if you don’t try, you will fail. Even a really bad video can do wonders for a brand. See our services page for how we can help.

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