Are You Using Google My Business?

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Google My Business

You ever see that little panel on the side of your business when you Google it? You ever wonder if you could do anything with it?  Yes, you can, and you absolutely should. Google My Business is your direct pipeline to local traffic to your business and website. You can post your sales events, promotions, and products being sold. It also has insights into how people are getting to your site, which is valuable if you aren’t using Google analytics. 

How Do I Start a Google My Business?

First, check to see if you have one already. A Google local guide may have created one already, and you just need to claim it. If not, log into your Google account. You will want to follow this steps laid out in This Article. Sure I could rewrite it, but why bother? It won’t take long to set up and once you get the verification in the mail, enter the code and you are on you way. 

I Have a Google My Business, Now What? 

Start combing through all of the info to make sure it is accurate. Make sure you add any details specific to your business. Don’t forget your hours and contact information. If you sell products, navigate to that page and begin listing what you sell. Google does a greta job of streamlining this site itself for beginners. Google Analytics and PPC can be daunting if you don’t know where to begin. This makes it easier for you to control your local SEO. There is an area to post photos and I encourage you to. Control the image of your business and how the world sees it. Don’t forget to fill out all of the meta data possible when loading. This will boost your local SEO. There is another area to post events you have coming up, which is a good way to get in front of people looking for plans that evening. 

What Are Insights? 

When looking at the menu on the left, you will see insights. This has some valuable info in it including what search terms people are using to reach your site, how many times your photos are viewed online, managing and responding to your Google ratings, and more. Take some time to look through it all and soak it in. There are millions of articles and videos out there to explain it, but I assure you, that with little time and effort, you will pick it up no problem. 

Why Do This?

This is great tool to control your local SEO, but what is local? When people are close to you and Goolge something relevant to your business, a knowledge panel shows up and has info all about you. This tools controls that info. Google typically does a great job of filling it out for you, but why leave it up to chance? Why leave bad ratings with no response or a chance to win them back? The question isn’t why do this, it’s more like why aren’t you? 

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