SEO Audit

SEO Audit done by Viking SEO

How would you rate your site’s performance online and in the eyes of the all mighty Google? An SEO Audit can provide you with info on how you rank against your competitors.  The numbers alone don’t have much value. When compared to your competitor’s site though, you can see how they rate using the same measurements. 

Pay to View Binoculars to signify what an SEO Audit sees.

What an SEO Audit sees?

An audit can also identify technical errors that may not be visible to a site visitor. Common errors are site maps not being current, meta descriptions are missing, and 404 errors. A 404 errors occurs when the link to something is broken and the landing page is no longer online or has been changed. Google doesn’t like these, to say the least. 

404 Error Robot doing a SEO Audit

Solidify Your Brand

Not all things identified are errors or areas of improvement. You I can also hone in on what you excel at. Often you think you should be marketing this keyword or people will use this as a search term, only to find out the numbers say something else. Just knowing how they are finding you will allow you to better market your brand and increase spending in areas you know work. You can also find gaps in keywords you may be missing completely. Having the data to back up your marketing plan allows you to have more faith in its success and your ROI.  


You have to decide what is right for your brand and the best way to do it, is by auditing your site to gather as much information as possible. Use all of the tools available to you for free or paid to audit your own site. Google offers insights on your My Business page. If you don’t have one of those set up yet, you are really missing out. Read more here. You could also contact an agent at Viking SEO to see if a third party is a better option. Good luck.

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