Stop Uploading Photos and Do This First

Photo Upload Screen

So, you’ve got your Google My Business all set up and you start loading photos. Now you see this blog, and hopefully it isn’t after you’ve loaded a thousand photos. But stop uploading photos now. You probably aren’t getting the most out of your images. Did you miss something when you loaded them? Not exactly. Let’s step back before that.

Your Photos and the File First

After you took the picture, I’m sure you are an organized person and named the photo exactly what it was right? No? Me either. I have so many img.13243543647478.jpg files that it is overwhelming. Understand that you are not alone in your frustration when I tell you, I learned about this after having hundreds of photos with thousands of views on Google. I work on a MAC so it may differ on a PC, but the idea is the same. On your photo file go to Get Info on MAC or Properties on PC.

On an Apple go to Get Info Before Uploading

Apple Get Info Screen

This is were you will be able to add info that will always travel with this image. You will want to name it true to its content and relevant to your business. Here you can add tags to the image that are relevant to the image and to your business. These tags will save and you can use them for future loads. In the comments section, add your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number. Cute isn’t it) and be consistent in it.

But I PC it Bro!

PC File Properties Details Screen

No worries bro-ham. Right click your image file and go to Properties. Here you will want to navigate to the Details tab at the top menu. Here is will you will input your title, subject, tags, and NAP in the comments. Damn acronyms. Give it a five star rating because why else would you put anything but five star images online?

PC Bro?

Is it Just Uploading Photos?

No. Everything and anything you put on the web should go through this same routine. Make it a habit. At the end of the day, it won’t hurt to be a little more organized. Imagine how much easier files will be to find. Is it tedious, yes, but owning your own business and marketing it is a labor of love. Give it the attention it needs or it will go elsewhere. So stop uploading you photos without the details. Need more assistance? Contact a Viking Today!

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