What is Quality Content in Digital Marketing?

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How does Google view and rank quality content in digital marketing? Do they know what is a good video and what isn’t? Does Google rank a photo? Well, they don’t. Google can now read the words in a blog and understand them, even using slang. The only controllable aspect you have is the in the file naming, loading, tagging and of content besides blogs or text. Google isn’t judging your digital art or drone photos. The SEO can only get it in front of the people. They are the ones who decide if it is good or not. You can’t really control how someone will view and judge something. You can use SEO to give them what they want. Let’s look at some ideas of quality content.

High-Quality Photos Should be First Content

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Your website is an extension of your by company and a window into who you are fundamentally. You should always use the best, high resolution, correct sized images on your website. Images that will catch their eye. Invest in a consumer grade DSLR or a new mirror-less cameras to have shots that will be superior to most images. Be sure to know what size you need for your site and use something like Photoshop to resize the image to be optimal for online viewing. Most websites have a resizing option if they are template based.

You have the camera and an idea on some basic specs, but now what? You aren’t a pro photographer and you don’t even know where to begin. I say, just start shooting. It’s the digital age so the amount of images are less of a concern. Shoot multiple angles and from different distances. Stumped on what angles to shoot? Check out this article about some popular angles to shoot from. Once you have your plethora of images, some of them will start to stick out more than others. Save those and discard the rest. Show those images top a few people whose opinion you actually value. Get their input and then make your decision. In the end, it will be fun, trust me.

Videos are King of Content

Video Marketing for Plastic Production

Videos are not easy. They take a long time to script, to shoot, and to edit. You often have visions of grandeur only to end up with a mediocre video far from your vision. That’s okay though. You don’t need to be an award winning director to make a great video for your business. You just need to give your audience what they want. Finding out what they want is easier than you think. We will get to that later though. How can you give them quality content through video without experience?

After you find out what you want to film, you have to do a little research. Watch some competitors videos. Watch videos that you enjoy. Why do you enjoy them? Take notes and compile them. Write out a simple story line on paper using numbers to differentiate the scenes. Keep it simple. Have one message you want to give them. The biggest mistake people make in video is trying to do too much. Too many effects or too many concepts. Are you a local repair garage? Do a video series of how to to some routine maintenance like wipers and where to find the info on tire pressure. Something that seem easy to you aren’t to others. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated. Just make sure you get your company logo and info on there somehow. We will have video editing blogs coming up soon so subscribe today.

Email Marketing As Content

You have to start viewing email marketing differently. We hate having a million emails, but part of us loves it to. Everyone is fighting for our attention and screaming for us to look at their ad. Every so often when there is a good one, we click and then sometimes even buy it. It isn’t the highest conversion, but it converts and it isn’t expensive, depending on your contact list. It’s easy to blast out emails and hope for clicks, but imagine if you combed through the data to find out what they want and then give them that in the email. That is what the good companies are doing and that is what Viking SEO can provide if needed. Some people that are a little more savvy can use template systems to make their own emails to send out.

The subject line will make our break your email. Don’t be spammy or corny, unless your audience is that niche crowd that likes it quirky, then quirk away. Give them a reason to open your email. Research what they have bought before and segment hem on the list to send them exactly what they want or matching accessories. Have a singular focus in your email and give them a great hero shot when they do open it. The image has to sell your point without saying a word. A great image will get them to read what else there is and to look for another image to make them happy. Give them another one below the fold in every email to give them a reason to scroll down.

Social Media

This is always tough because each business has a unique value proposition to demographics that focus on different platforms. Older demographics lean towards Facebook, while Twitter is a tough venue without knowing the ropes, Instagram and Snapchat really have a targeted demo. The best bet is to find out what your demographic is and then use that to identify your platform. Focus on that platform to optimize your engagement. Post about things relevant to your business and use tags that are appropriate. Feel free to share some inside info that you only share on that platform to boost exclusivity. Most importantly, engage the people on your feed and their feed. Everyone wants to be noticed and people love it when companies acknowledge them.

Using Google My Business to Plan Content

My Business insights can give you a good amount of info without having to dig to deep into analytics. On this page you will find what terms they are using to get to your site. This is a direct pipeline to your customer. If you have just set up your My Business, then it may take some time to gather the data for your site. In the side panel you can use the review section and address customer questions with videos responses in case other customers wondered the same thing. If you use analytics, or something like SEM Rush, you can dig deeper into content and use their template system to assist in creation.

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