Drone Photography for Small Business

Downtown Akron Building

Using drone photography for your small business is a great way to show off your company from an angle only birds were accustomed to. This can help a lot to show the volume of space in places or show off the topography, like a golf course or a mountain cabin. It doesn’t stop there though. You can use it for everyday business and just add that extra dimension. Let’s look at a few ways to use a drone to help that local or small business.


Outside eating for small restaurants has become a saving grace, so why not show it off? Use that top down angle and those umbrellas to accent your landscape. Give your building a little extra flair by using that tertiary color in your brand and style guide to make it “pop”, which is the most overused and non informing statement ever. Any designer or photographer who have heard that it “needs to pop more” understands this and has lived it. What does that even mean? But in this case, use the tertiary color to make your base colors “pop” right off the photograph. This works well for brick buildings with a lot of green vegetation around the building. Adding that third color for balance has it all makes sense in the mind’s eye.

Living space sharing, home sharing, and ride sharing have all become mainstream and used frequently. Do you have a cabin you want to list? Take some great shots to show the isolation you can get by renting it. Tell the story of peaceful serenity by true social distancing. Maybe it is a sweet loft with a rooftop access to party on? Take the shot from away from the building with a few guests and suddenly people want to be there at a rooftop party. RVs are popular this year and rightfully so. Imagine showing it driving down the open road and selling the dream to the viewer. Don’t just rent an RV, rent THIS RV!

Drone photography for small business is less expensive than you think, so don’t be detoured. We work with everyone on a case by case scenario. One size does not fit all in marketing and content, and that is ok. The objective isn’t to get you to spend more, it’s to get you to maximize what you do spend and then optimize it for the web. Make sure you reach out to us and see what we can do for you. You would be surprised, pleasantly.

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