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Any video project you work on willone major component, that is writing a script. Even if we are doing a 15 second spot for an instagram story or an independent film, you can be sure that there will be someone writing a script. I had no clue how to write a script when I decided to write my first script, so thankfully I found WriterDuet.com and they are a life saver! This is an unpaid unsolicited full backing of this app/program. Before we get to the script though, we need a little planning first.

First, what are you filming? I know that sounds basic, but let us dig in a little to see the layers. Not the ideal of a hun6ter chasing the deer, or someone driving in a storm. What is the message you are sending. This is your foundation and building point. It is so easy to get off the rails and jump the shark when shooting a video. Having a solid ground and a message or mantra to stick to will help guide you and the video to where they need to go. Always know that every second on screen counts, so use it wisely and treat it like gold. You only have a finite amount of time to get someone’s attention so maximize it.

We have all seen Hollywood movies and this is our expectations. I will tell you with the resources they have and man hours put in, I wonder how they have so many mistakes in some major productions. You will not get that out of smaller productions, but with that said, you can still have a great video or film from a lot of low budget producers. The equipment doesn’t make the video a success, it’s how it is used. You need to have a good story and it need to match what the human brain has now been trained to follow. The three act structure. Read more here and I will cover in a later blog. Structure the hell out of the story. You want to deviate like Tarantino and other greats? You better do it good or else it stands out like a sore thumb.

Contact someone here to help guide and direct your vision, whatever it may be.

Viking SEO shot an impromptu film about an angry gamer who is tired of the annual fan favorite football game.

ALso a music video to promote racial equality.

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