Carmen’s Last Dance

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UPDATE – The movie has been created and is embedded above. Please enjoy the film.

Casting Call for Carmen’s Last Dance.

Looking for actors and actresses for Carmen’s Last Dance, a film about one woman’s lifetime battle with the demons of addiction, literally. Tormented by her so-called savior, Carmen struggles with the reality she lives in, and if it is even real at all. Dreams of escape culminate in hopeless despair as Carmen tries over and over to escape her nightmare.

The following list of characters are need for the film with their description and rate of pay.
Filming is set to begin in Akron and Cuyahoga falls area in October and will consist of three days to shoot, Friday-Sunday. Friday and Saturday are the main shoot, with Sunday reserved for reshoot. Times will be specified upon casting. The film’s length will be between 12-25 minutes. The film will be R Rated.

Some spots have been filled already and will be updated as it goes.

Carmen – Taken

The Demon Figure – Taken

The John – Taken

Deb – Female 25-45 year old, race = any. Persona – concerned friend of Carmen.
She knows she is troubled but loves her anyways. $25 for a one day shoot. $10 per diem for gas

Motel Cleaner with Keys – Taken

Mark – Male 35-45 year old white male. Persona – attempted rapist.
He is a shadowy figure who is up to no good. $25 for a one day shoot. $10 per diem for gas

Brother1 – Male, African American/Latino/Bi-Racial 15-18 years old. $20 for a one day shoot. $10 per diem for gas

Brother2 – Male, African American/Latino/Bi-Racial 18-21 years old.$20 for a one day shoot. $10 per diem for gas

Carmen as a kid – Female 12 years old mixed. Persona – Carmen as a child needing help from a bully.
$20 for a one day shoot. $10 per diem for gas

Younger Brother 1 as a kid – taken

Younger Brother 2 as a kid- taken

Younger Bully – 10 years old, Male, any race

Please email head shots and parts interested. Please include any experience and links to previous work.
All payments will be through CashApp or PayPal for tracking so please keep that in mind. We will also like to set up zoom meetings with candidates to discuss any questions you may have.

The set will have bottled waters and carbonated beverages available. Food will be provided for the shoot from a delivery place local to shoot.

Shoots are planned to be all day.

Contact Joe at 216-278-2121

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