Top 5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Blog

Guest Blog by Faith Robinson 5 Reasons Small Business Should Blog. Creating a blog can have many benefits, especially if you own a small business. A blog will provide an opportunity to connect with your clients and create a space for customers to get to know more about you and what you do. There areContinue reading “Top 5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Blog”

Writing a Script for Your Content

Any video project you work on willone major component, that is writing a script. Even if we are doing a 15 second spot for an instagram story or an independent film, you can be sure that there will be someone writing a script. I had no clue how to write a script when I decidedContinue reading “Writing a Script for Your Content”

Drone Photography for Small Business

Using drone photography for your small business is a great way to show off your company from an angle only birds were accustomed to. This can help a lot to show the volume of space in places or show off the topography, like a golf course or a mountain cabin. It doesn’t stop there though.Continue reading “Drone Photography for Small Business”

Marketing Your Small Business to Make a Difference

Small businesses are able to market to wider audiences these days due to having an online presence. Digital marketing helps keep the cost of content production down by cutting out the need for commercial printers, also helping your company maintain less of a carbon footprint. One of the major issues small businesses have, is tryingContinue reading “Marketing Your Small Business to Make a Difference”

What is Quality Content in Digital Marketing?

How does Google view and rank quality content in digital marketing? Do they know what is a good video and what isn’t? Does Google rank a photo? Well, they don’t. Google can now read the words in a blog and understand them, even using slang. The only controllable aspect you have is the in theContinue reading “What is Quality Content in Digital Marketing?”

Stop Uploading Photos and Do This First

So, you’ve got your Google My Business all set up and you start loading photos. Now you see this blog, and hopefully it isn’t after you’ve loaded a thousand photos. But stop uploading photos now. You probably aren’t getting the most out of your images. Did you miss something when you loaded them? Not exactly.Continue reading “Stop Uploading Photos and Do This First”

Are You Using Google My Business?

Google My Business You ever see that little panel on the side of your business when you Google it? You ever wonder if you could do anything with it?  Yes, you can, and you absolutely should. Google My Business is your direct pipeline to local traffic to your business and website. You can post yourContinue reading “Are You Using Google My Business?”

Video Marketing

Video marketing is here and Video is king. The numbers prove it. How you can cash in on the digital boom depends on what your business is. You may not associate your business with one that would be interesting to have a video for, or even need one. You would be surprised by what peopleContinue reading “Video Marketing”