Drone Pictures and Videos for Your Business – the best way to be seen in unique views and angles. Creative videos available for musicians as well. Bring an idea or let us help create one. The average costs of videos are astonishing and we can provide high quality for any budget. Drone pictures and videos can add that extra flair needed for your shot. Contact someone now if you need our services. Viking SEO is located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio but is available to travel with having worked in the past with clients in Georgia, Wyoming, and Montana. These images shared are the non commercial works or images not owned by clients. I typically do not share client work and use my own work for a portfolio. This can still show my work while keeping the discretion of not only my clients, but myself. The idea is to give my client what they need to help their business succeed and become more visible. It is not about my portfolio. The work I do for you is yours to keep and use as you please.

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